Single Clean Post

Posted by Pastor Karen Indorf

As we have carefully and thoughtfully made our way through the pandemic, God has blessed our congregation as we move forward into an unknown future but one full of promise. We invite you to join our journey, whether through worship and/or by participating in our outreach into the community and our care for one another.

Through most of the year we worship at 10:30 on Sunday morning, using a variety of liturgies and special music. During the summer months we worship at 9:00. Pastor Karen Indorf leads us in word and sacrament, with weekly Holy Communion. Our liturgy, hymns and special music are led by our music director, Dr. John Schuder. Lay assistants help with the reading of scripture and prayers. We participate in worship and outreach as ecumenical partners with the local UCC church and with Portland area Lutheran Churches.

An elected church council meets on the second Tuesday of the month to conduct church business. A weekly Bible Study is held on Thursday morning at 11:00. A weekly prayer group gathers to give thanks and to lift up our concerns for those who need Gods blessing. The pastor and laity regularly visit the sick and home bound. At Christmas, Valentine's Day and Easter special visits include homemade cards and other gifts such as flowers and treats. Special needs in the congregation are addressed as they arise.

Outreach to others is our response to Jesus command to love God and love one another. On Wednesday night from 5:00-6:00 we serve a free Community Meal at the Westbrook Community Center, 426 Bridge Street in Westbrook. Wayside Food Services is our partner in providing this meal. Each spring we launch a city-wide food drive, Climb Aboard the Food Train which supports the Westbrook Food Pantry. The drive includes collection jars placed in local businesses, a yearly donation from other enterprises, and a day in May when we collect food and cash in front of Hannaford. Through our support of and partnership with Greater Portland Family Promise, we assist immigrant and other families to get established in our communities. A monthly meal is provided to Friendship House recovery center. Each year we sponsor a child at the My Place Teen Center in Westbrook. Other local agencies that assist those in need are given cash support through our Special Offerings in addition to socks, backpacks, hat and gloves, and sweatshirts. Each fall we participate in Operation Christmas Child as we send shoe boxes of gifts to children around the world. Each year we support 16 orphans in Ethiopia. Over the years we have made mission trips to help with recovery of Hurricane Katrina and to build a bridge in Ethiopia along with support of a prison, schools, and other ministries in that country., As other needs arise, whether local, national or global, Trinity attempts to do Gods work with our hands.

If you would like more information or would like to join us in ministry in this place, please contact me at 207-854-5653. Blessings to you each and every day.